Pain is the most common symptoms of uneasiness, discomfort and stress which compels an individual to see a doctor. Today 1 out of 5 Australians experience pain in their life. Back pain is one of the most common pain, we experience in our daily life. Now a days. it is very common to see a doctor with complaint of back pain. The very common reasons for back pain are: Age related, wrong sleep posture, long working hours, obesity, desk jobs and others. The continuous ignorance of factors responsible with increased intake of anti inflammatory drugs leads to damage to normal alignment of spine and vertebrae which results into sleep discs, bulging of discs, herniated disc and severe back pain.

With Ayurveda it is possible to minimize the impact of life-style factors responsible for back and cervical pain. With regular health Massages with herbal oils helps to reduce the stiffness and inflammation around the spine and vertebrae. the techniques of Ayurvedic massage improves the alignment of spine and discs to normal positions. Further the Ayurvedic therapies such as KATI VASTI & GREEVA VASTI are efficient to treat the main ailments causing back pain. These treatments have shown an enormous benefits to individual suffering form back pain and discs disorders. With Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and therapies, the management of back pain can be done efficiently.