Health: Ayurveda view

Health is a complete state of body, mind, spiritual and social wellbeing. Health is the most important aspect in life. Health is a balanced state of all Doshas, Dhatus an Mala.

According to Ayurveda, each individual is born with specific constitution which in ayurvedic terms is called as “Prakriti” means the nature of the body. The prakriti of an individual is an unique combination of physical and psychological characteristics that have influence the way, the individual functions. The prakriti at birth remains the same throughout life and it is influenced by the individual daily routine activities, food habits, seasonal changes, lifestyle and many more. Ayurveda helps the individuals of all prakriti types to maintain their health and balance in Doshas (physical humors) with food choices and daily activities

What prakriti are you?

Vatta:  Vatta is known as air is supposed to be responsible for movement both physical, sensory and biological. Individual with Vatta doshas are generally restless, more active, slightly build, tall, little pigeon shaped chest dull and dark hairs. The skin of individuals with vatta dominancy is generally dry and rough. Emotionally vatta person is anxious, indecisive, emotionally insecure and erractic. Vatta individuals are often fond of travelling, dancing and other activities. Colon is the main site of Vatta and is also consider as moving force behing other two doshas (Pitta and Kapha). Naturally Vatta increases with age and old age people often experience symptoms related to imbalanced Vatta.

Vatta individual if engage themselves in Vatta aggrevating food habits, daily routine and other activities, are more prone to chronic pain disorders such as arthritis, other rheumatic diseases, Insomnia, flatulence, constipation and nervous disorders.

Pitta: Pitta is known as fire element rules digestive system , chemical and metabolic functions, and is associated with body heat. Pitta is believed to be seated in small intestine. Individuals with Pitta dominant body constitution are generally average build, oily skin and tend to have grey hairs and early baldness. Pitta persons are intense, sharp, good leaders, and capable to argument nicely. Pitta person when angry behave rash and egoistical because of the nature of fire element.

Pitta person, if engage themselves in pitta aggravating food habits, activities then they are more prone to pitta imbalance and diseases such as digestive problems, bleeding issues, skin rashes and many more 

Kapha: Kapha is known as binding element and it governs the structure of the body. Being protection as main function of Kapha, it hold the cells, tissue, muscle, bones, joints and ligaments together. Kapha is primarily associated with water and earth component and hence cohesiveness, structure and lubrication are the main properties of Kapha.  Kapha is responsible for hydration all the cells & tissue, lubrication of the joints, raise the immunity, maintain the mucous and moisturise the skin. Heavy, slow, calm, cold, liquid, dense, oily and soft are the main properties of Kapha. 

Kapha dominant individual are often strong build, round features with excellent stamina. Large and soft eyes, Radiant skin Sound sleep, Regular digestion, calm behaviour and thick hairs are the main characteristics of Kapha dominant person. Kapha supports our emotional calmness, endurance (physical and mental), patience and compassionate behaviour.

When aggravated, Kapha induce lethargy, gain in weight, stubborn behaviour, respiratory diseases, depression, greed, resistance to change. Imbalanced Kapha invites stagnation resulting in congestion of tissue and organs through the body.   

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