Dementia and Care

Dementia and care: Dementia is a condition that affects the individual thinking, behaviour and ability to perform routine tasks. It is a collective term for number of numbers of neurological conditions in with common symptom includes a decline in brain functioning. 
Earlier it was supposed to be disease of normal ageing but we now know dementia, a disease symptom for number of diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Body disease, Alcohol related, and many more. The factors such as old age, environmental factors, brain injury, long-term consumption of western diets, physical and cognitive inactivity, cardiovascular diseases, social isolation, cerebrovascular diseases and genetic variance are among the identified causes. Among all causes, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of Dementia and is majorly related to people with old age. It is characterised by progressive loss of memory and other cognitive functions such as impaired judgement, language problem and decision-making incapability.

Ayurvedic medicines have potential to reduce the risk factors associated with Dementia and thus have capability to reduce the course of degenerative chronic condition of Dementia. Ayurveda view of treatment promotes and support the equilibrium of body, mind and soul as holistic aspects of the treatment. Ayurvedic herbs & treatments have been claimed to enhance and rejuvenate the cognitive ability and memory. The variety of herbs and treatment have shown benefits in enhancing and supporting the individuals with loss of memory and cognitive ability.

Nasya: Nasya is intranasal mode of delivery of medicated oils and herbs. It is practical, rapid and easy way to deliver the therapeutic ayurvedic medicine into the central nervous system. In Dementia and associated diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, this therapy has shown benefits with strengthening the nervous system and restore memory.

Abhayanga: The Ayurvedic health massage use Medicated oil which have the property of Vatta shamana. It nourishes the brain nerves with heightening the brain function and increasing blood supply to brain. It is also believed that Massage reduces the level of stress hormone (cortisols) and vasopressin A person with Dementia is often advise for regular massage to keep themselves healthy and alert.

Trancranial oleation therapy: These therapies nourish the nervous system and pacifies the elevated doshas responsible for deterioration of brain and its functioning.

The therapies include:-

  • Shirodhara: In this therapy, mediated oil is poured on forehead in continuous stream for approximately 1 hr. Studies have also found the positive impact on hormonal and cerebral blood flow with this therapy.
  • Shirovasti: The medicated oil is poured and retained on head for specific time duration.
  • Shiroabhayanga: it includes head massage with medicated oils followed by other therapies. 

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