Detox: Cleanse Your Body Naturally!!

Detox means “Removal of Toxins”. Detox is one of the most ancient therapy in Ayurvedic medicines which ensures the elimination of toxins from the body. What are toxins? Toxins are the poisonous substances which have negative impact on our health. Toxins are usually derived form eating unhealthy food products, discarded food or when the individual digestive fire (AGNI) is unable to digest the food properly. According to Ayurveda, when the individual’s Agni is not efficient or individual do not follow the seasonal dietary choices or the person is eating excess of hard to digest food then the food stuff does not complete the proper digestive process and AMA dosha is produced which can be termed as food Toxin. This AMA then travel into other body parts through body channels and produce Toxic signs and symptoms such as indigestion, lethargic behaviour, insomnia and many more Ayurvedic DETOX is one of the efficient therapy for elimination of AMA dosha and pacification of vitiated bio-humors (Doshas). After detox, our body works as a new platform for dietary habits and choices. The use of herbs and herbal preparations makes the Ayurvedic detox as most efficient and effective.

We, at Karma Health & Ayurveda, offers herbal authentic Ayurvedic DETOX therapy for health and wellbeing. The detox therapy is done into three stages

Preparatory procedure (Puravkarma): Preparatory phase of DETOX involve the internal and external ( Snehan) lubrication of body which involve medicated ghee administration and herbal massages as directed by Ayurvedic health practitioner. This phase will mobilize the Body toxins from all parts and organs of the body towards GIT tract. Then the signs and symptoms will be assessed by the Health practitioner to analyse the degree of Snehan (Lubrication of body).

Main procedure (Pradhankarma): Main phase involves the administration of Herbal medicine to expel all the toxins from the body.

Past procedure (Paschatkarma): After main procedure, the digestive fire becomes very mild so the strict administration of diet as per the practitioner advise is followed for few days. After returning to normal diet, the person can feel the positive impact of DETOX on his/her health.

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