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Ayurveda: The way you balance your body harmony and regain the immunity and energy..


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Healing Muscular Strains and Joint Issues

Address: Suite 15, 113 Main Rd, Moonah TAS

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What Makes The Ayurvedic Herbal Therapies So Efficient

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Despite not everyone agreeing on including the Ayurvedic therapeutic methods into the traditional modern medical world, it is most trusted by the users…

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Address: 287 Liverpool st. Hobart TAS
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Ayurvedic Practitioners

Using ages-old techniques & herbs since 5000 years
The main aim of Ayurvedic Medicine is to maintain harmony, promote the healthiness of healthy individual and to treat the disease.

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Herbs & Its Use

The role of Ayurvedic herbs has been descried in details in ayurvedic literatures with their mode of use, mode of action, qualities and benefits.


Pulse reading is the traditional assessment tool to diagnose individual ailments . Pulse assessment helps the practitioner to determine the individual’s ‘Prakriti and body constitution’


In this era of medical sciences, mankind has conquered milestones beyond imagination but the quest for stress-free holistic health


Stress is one of the common issues, which often left ignored by everyone until it directly impacts the health. The cause of stress could be work-related,


Rejuvenation is one of the important aspects of ayurvedic therapies and treatments. Rejuvenation therapies aims “to rejuvenate” which means to restore the young appearance and minimise the ageing symptoms

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an evidence based clinical care using traditional Ayurvedic methods of body assessment techniques such as pulse reading, individual based physical and metabolic assessment. Ayurveda was introduced thousands of years ago with full literature of diseases, their diagnosis, prognosis and possible Ayurvedic herbal management and therapies. Ayurveda is unique among all healthcare disciplines in the world with its emphasis on removing the root cause of disease and suffering. Health promotion is one of the strongest and important aspect in ayurvedic medicines which aims for individual treatment as well as individual healthy life and longevity. The basic principle of Ayurvedic treatments are the identification of individual doshas; which means the body constitution. According to Ayurveda, every individual inherits three dosha from birth Vatta (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Liquids). Along with the doshas, individual body is structured with five basic elements; Earth (Solid), Water (Liquid), Air (movements), Fire (digestion and heat) and Space (Empty Space and Holes).

Ayurvedic Treatments helps

This is true always, whether you suffer from a simple back pain or chronic medical disease, on solution choose Ayurveda, which is effective, natural and side effect free!

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Our Happy Clients

“Before I’ve started attending these Ayurvedic therapeutic”

services and sessions, my migraines were just driving me crazy every day. But as soon as my visits here became regular, in a matter of few weeks I was healed and I was stress free at work and home!

S Nayara – October 6, 2018

“I had been struggling with the back pain for all of my adult life.”

I tried numerous medicines and therapies but couldn’t find anyone effective for long-term. Thanks God one of my friends told me about Ayurveda, which resulted in an almost pain relief for me just after few treatments!

T. May – September 29, 2018

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