Muscular Dystrophy: Ayurveda

Muscular Dystrophy: Muscular Dystrophy is a group of inherited disease that affects the muscle that control movement resulting in progressive deterioration of muscles, strength and functioning. It may also involve heart muscles and other muscles. It is caused by genetic mutation, which interferes with the muscle proteins production called Dystrophin, that is essential to build maintain healthy muscles. The most common type of muscular dystrophy is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy primarily affecting the male child. Although there is cure for Muscular Dystrophy and its state of progression but supportive managements such as physiotherapy and exercises help to improve the state of mobility and activities.

In Ayurveda, the literatures have also described Muscular Dystrophy as genetic and incurable disease and termed as “Mamsa vata kshaya” related to Bija Dosha and impairment of Mamsa agni (muscular enzyme). But Ayurvedic literatures have described the supportive therapies to minimise the symptoms and to nourish the muscular-skeletal system. The following therapies benefits the patients with 

Muscular Dystrophy:-

Abhayanga (Ayurvedic Massage): In ayurvedic massage therapy, we use the specific herbal oils meant for muscular weakness and nourishment and have anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the sparsity and nourish the skin and underlying. Further Massage being a very potent VATTA pacifier, also reduces the pain and stiffness in the body.

Navar Keizi: In this special Panchkarma therapy, we rub the medicated rice with milk and medicines all over the body. This is very effective and authentic treatment for muscular weakness and wasting. This treatment uses special herbal medicines which target the muscular tissues and nerves and reduce inflammation and stiffness. This is one of its unique kind of treatment and have shown benefits in number of patients.

Herbal supplements are also effective in support to management of Muscular Dystrophy. The patient is assessed by Ayurvedic practitioner and suitable therapies and supplements are recommended.

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