Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a type of arthritis which affect cervical vertebrae and is characterised by pain in cervical region, vertigo while bending forward, stiffness in neck, radiating pain towards shoulder/limbs and headache. The main identified causes of cervical spondylosis are degenerative discs, strain, herniated discs, a pinched and inflamed nerves, viral infection and trauma. In Ayurveda, Cervical spondylosis is known as GRIVA SANDIGATH VATTA. According to Ayurveda, the in-equilibrium in Vatta humor representing Air cause degeneration in tissues and cervical joints. The aggrevating factors in Vatta increase can be the sleep posture, throat infection, Vatta aggrevating diets, sitting in front of screen for longer duration, late night work schedule, and life style involving overindulgence in physical, mental and sexual activities.

Recommendation: The conventional medical sciences provides only symptomatic treatments with use of Anti- inflammatory diseases which again have numbers of side effects, if consumed for long duration Whereas Ayurveda has described the management of cervical spondylosis with herbs and Panchkarma therapies.


Greeva vasti is one of the main treatment in Panchkarma which have shown promising results in minimising the pain and nourishment of underlying muscles & nerves. In this treatment, a wall of dough is prepared around the cervical region and medicated warm oil is poured into the space between the well. The oil, we use have anti inflammatory properties along the capability to reduce the tension within muscles and nerves. The oil is allowed to stay within the walls for 45 min to 1 hr depending on the level of cervical pain.

        The treatment is carried out in sequences to get the maximum benefits. Further the benefits of Ayurveda and herbs have been proven in numerous studies done in India. Vatta shamak dietary regimen and recommended Dinachaya (Daily routine activitiies) has shown dramatic reliefs in cervical spondylosis. The treatment is purely herbal and is considered safe with no side effects.


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