Paralysis and Ayurvedic Management

Paralysis and Ayurvedic Management: Paralysis is a condition related with muscle function in one or more muscles and part of the body. It is often associated with nerve damage causing loss in brain control over muscle and functioning resulting in depletion in muscle strength. Paralysis can be complete or partial, it can occur one side of the body or both sides or can be localised or widespread. It can affect any part of the body,


  • Face
  • Hands
  • One arm or leg (Monoplegia)
  • One side of body (Hemiplegia)
  • Both legs (Paraplegia)
  • Both arms and legs (Quadriplegia)

The affected part of body may have stiffness with or without muscular spasm, flaccid, Numbness, tingling sensation or painful.

Supportive treatment with Ayurveda and therapies: Along with the medication, the supportive management with Ayurvedic therapies could be very beneficial in managing the paralysis and complication. The ayurvedic management and therapies support the individual to minimise the disability impacts and have proven muscle and nerve nourishment effects. An Ayurvedic practitioner analyse the individual on basis of body constitution and type and recommend the different herbal medicines and therapies foe supportive management of Paralysis.

Shirodhara: Shirodhara therapy is very effective in bringing relaxation and nourishment to scalp and associated nerves. The medicated oil is poured on head of an person for specific duration to help the individual to cope with induced stress and to promote nervous health.

Nasya : According to Ayurveda, nasal cavity is the direct pathway leading to brain and head and hence This therapy helps in balancing the vitiated doshas in Head.Various researches and studies have also shown benefits of Nasya therapy in reducing the epileptic episodes and associated impacts in the muscle weakness. In this therapy, medicated oil drops are pored into nostrils and the medicated oil is supposed to reduce the inflammation of nerve enhancing strength and nourishment.

Health massage: The massage with ayurvedic herbal oils are very beneficial in reducing spasm, pain and associated symptoms enhancing the movement and muscular functioning. It is recommended on regular basis under supervision of Ayurvedic health practitioner and have shown numerous benefits in overall health of the individuals. 
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