Obesity Management

In this modern era, obesity is one of the main concern for every individual. The availability of food products, the work schedule, sedentary habits have forced the individual to gain weight leading to various health issues including obesity. Evidences says, In 2014-15, 2 in 3 individuals in Australia were obese or overweight which further tends to increase in future.

Obesity is a metabolic disorder and is associated with various diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Mental health issues and many others. Though we have progressed with numerous studies and treatments in health industry but the treatment availability for obesity is still under expectations. The numerous products available in the market are either ineffective or have various side-effects.

According to Ayurveda, excess of “AMA” means toxins in the body is the main reason of weight gain and obesity. AMA block the circulatory, lymphatic and other channels of the body. So the management of obesity primarily aims to reduce the AMA production and excrete the accumulated AMA from the body. With Ayurveda, Obesity can be managed with natural therapies and herbal medicines and carry no side-effects. The obesity can be managed, when all the three aspects described below are followed:




Dietary choices: Dietary habits are one of the main reasons for weight gain and obesity. Each food products have different properties and nutritional values. According to Ayurveda, each individual is born with specific Doshas in dominant phase and should eat accordingly to stay healthy. Ayurvedic practitioners determines the individuals body type and composition and advise the best Dietary choices for balance and health.

Physical activities: Yoga and pranayams are not just a type of exercise instead it is the way to connect your body with yourself. 

 We, at karma health & Ayurveda assess the individual with Ayurvedic method of assessment to analyse the individual body type and Prakriti (Body constitution). We provide Ayurvedic therapies which removes the toxins and promote the hormonal regulation for glucose metabolism.

“Udvartan” is one of the therapy, we follow to mobilise the excess adipose tissue from the body. In this therapy, we rub the dry Herbs, in form of powder with strong force so that the the herbs can penetrate underneath the skin to mobilise the adipose tissue and the increased blood circulation over skin in the rubbing therapy will enhance the excretion of toxin and unwanted adipose tissue in a natural way.

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