Arthritis Care

Arthritis is one of the main concern among people of all ages with pain, restricted movements, structural deformity and swelling in various bones and joints . Arthritis is an umbrella term for numerous medical conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system especially the Joints  “where two or more bone meets together”. Now a days, arthritis is very common among people of all ages affecting more than 3.9 million adults and children in Australia and is one of the leading cause of disability burden in Australia. The exact cause of Arthritis and its type is still unknown and the various researches are going on towards the safe management of Arthritis and its consequences. Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical science which provide the natural and effective way to manage Arthritis and supports the wellbeing of an individual with improved ability to cope with daily needs and life-style.

According to Ayurveda, every individual have different body composition and the bio-humors (Doshas: Vatta, Pitta, Kapha) varies from one individual to other, which is called as Prakriti of an individual. Arthritis is also believed to be caused by balance in the natural bodily humors along with life-style and environmental factors.  Arthritis can be compared to “sandigath vatta” and “Amavatta” in Ayurveda with similar signs, symptoms and aetiology. Ayurveda has described the natural way to manage Arthritis and related symptoms with herbal medicines, Panchkarma therapies and  dietary changes. The effective management of Arthritis with Ayurveda and Panchkarma is well known and documented with various ongoing researches. The Ayurvedic protocol of treatment beings with the identification and assessment of individual’s body type and composition.  We, at Karma Health & Ayurveda assess the individual with Pulse Reading and assessment methods to determine the individual Prakriti as per Ayurveda. After acknowledgment of Prakriti, we can advise out the choice of herbal therapies and supplements and dietary selection to minimise the impact of Arthritis and to enhance the immunity to cope with the degenerative changes in the body.

vDietary choices: Like humans, all food products have different properties. For example: Some food products are Vatta pacifier but Kapha aggravator. Thus one should have some knowledge of their body composition and the Prakriti of the body so that we can make healthy dietary choices. Every individual has some doshas and elements in dominant phase naturally which decides the body constitution of the body. It also directly emphasizes the type of diet, lifestyle, activities and values required for healthy living for an individual.

In Ayurveda following are the lines of treatment in Amavata (Arthritis):

  • Dietary intervention
  • Detoxification (Purification of the body)
  • Medicinal treatment (Palliative treatments)

Dietary intervention It is done by restricting the food items which aggravates the individual’s Doshas or elevated the toxicity in the body. The Dietary intervention ensures the proper digestion and nutrition with pacification of elevated Doshas and symptoms.

Detoxification: – It is done through Panchakarma therapy. Detoxification provides  long term effective management of arthritis and subsidise the symptoms naturally. The Panchkarma therapy is a long procedure with various procedures, which are done according to the patient condition and presentation. The Panchkarma therapy ensures the removal of all toxins from the body and minimise the degenerative changes. The panchkarma therapy involves Massage, Dry herbal steam, Purgation, Enema and other therapies. 

Valuka Swedan:   Valuka swedan is the one of the most famous Ayurvedic health massage for individuals with arthritis, bone and joint issues and other other musculoskeletal disorders. Valuka swedan involves warm medicinal oil massage followed by rubbing of warm poultice filled with dry herbs on the affected areas. The herbs works as anti-inflammatory agent and reduces pain, swelling and improves movement and mobility. 

Shaman Chikitsa – It is done by using very effective and time tested Ayurveda formulations like Herbal teas, Herbal preparation  in form of capsules, tablets or powder and other health supplements, which improves the immunity of an individual along with improvement in the health condition of individuals. 




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