Spinal Health Management

Spinal column consists of different bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments woven together ensuring structural and motor health of an individual. The spine is very important part of the body and its health can have major impact on performance of body function and mechanism. The spine has two major functions: it serves to maintain the body posture balanced and upright and it protects the central nervous system. When the spine is healthy and aligned properly, it means the body is in balance and the communication between CNS and the body parts is efficient for healthy life.   

The main identified causes of poor spinal health are bad posture, sedentary life style, poor sleeping habits, insufficient or improper exercises, places extra pressure on spine leading to tension, soreness, back ache, stiffness and headaches. According to Ayurveda, the balance in Vatta is very essential for nerve conduction and it’s imbalance is mainly responsible for pain, swelling and stiffness in the spine and joints. When there is imbalance in Vatta it increases the dryness and normal texture of joints and synovial fluids, which leads to the process of inflammation, pain and swelling. The involvement of associated nerves in poor spinal health can have impact on nerve conduction leading to various disorders associated with nerve functioning such as numbness in limbs, severe pain such as sciatica and many more. It is very necessary to maintain the health of the spine. The degeneration of spine with age is the main reason of back pain and locomotive disability in old people.

 Ayurveda has the privilege of offering best remedies for back pain and related spinal conditions. Ayurvedic therapies can help in maintaining the natural health of the spine and spinal column helping the individual with conditions such as sleep disc, Lower back pain, cervical pain, sciatica and others diseases associated with spinal health. Ayurvedic therapies involves herbal oils which are anti-inflammatory in action and nourish the spinal column for proper movement and alignment. Further the ayurvedic health massage reduces the soreness, tension and pain in associated muscle, nerves, ligaments and tendons. The following therapies can help in maintaining the spinal health and lubrication of associated bones, joints and nerves

Kati Vasti: Kati Vasti is an authentic ayurvedic therapy which is very effective for various ailments connecting to spine and lower back. The treatment involves the formation of walls like structure with dough on the spine and specially prepared warm herbal oils are retained into the walls for certain period of time. The therapy is repeated on regular basis to ensure the maximum benefits to individual and to maintain the natural alignment of spine. This therapy is highly beneficial in conditions such as lower back pain (Lumbago), Lumbar spondylosis, Sleep disc, disc disorders, sciatica and many more.  

Greeva Vasti: This is the similar treatment but it is performed on cervical region and is mainly beneficial in condition associated with cervical bones and nerves. This therapy is very beneficial for individuals who spend their maximum time sitting on chair and in front of the screens.  To know more about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic therapies, you can contact Karma health & Ayurveda or email info@karmaayurveda.com.au

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