Herbal Massage

The role of massage is well described in Ayurvedic literature for curative purposes. The Ayurvedic massage is unique in its property by focusing on Spinal Health and other Vital points (known as Marmas). In Ayurveda, Massage is known as ABHAYNGA and is done with medicated oils and herbs. Ayurvedic medicines has described different massages in different body constitutions with different medicated oils and herbs as per the Body constitution of the body. The Ayurvedic massages nourish the skin which is the biggest organ in body, strengthen the nerves and muscles along with its curative anti-inflammatory properties. Our practitioner identifies the individual constitution and recommend the suitable medicated oils and herbs for Ayurvedic massage.

Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage treatment (Abhyanga):

  • It reduces muscle tension with loosening the contracted, shortened and hardened Muscles. It also stimulates flaccid muscle improving blood circulation and drainage of Lymphatic system
  • Ayurvedic massage improves the oxygen carrying capacity during the procedure and stimulates the nerves supplying internal organ directly or indirectly allowing more blood supply to them.
  • Ayurvedic Massage results in increased mobility and range of motions in joints keeping muscles more elastic and nourished.
  • Ayurvedic massage reduces the inflammation in muscles and joints and hence promote recovery form pain and restricted movements of joints.
  • Ayurvedic massage lubricates the skin enhances its health & elasticity with enhancing sweat & sebaceous gland functioning.

Here are some of the types of Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) performed by Ayurvedic practitioner:

Abhyanga (Whole body massage with medicated oil): This therapy involves the application of specific herbal medicated oils followed by massage with hands. The therapy involves use of different techniques by the therapist/ practitioner depending on the reason for Abhayanga (Ayurvedic Massage). The type of oil used and the techniques involved depend on the consultation by the Ayurvedic health practitioner who identifies the body nature and the constitution as per Ayurveda. This therapy is beneficial in body relaxation, Pain management and act as immunity boosters.

Udvartanam (Massage using dry herbal powder): This therapy involves rubbing of dry herbal powder on the body with great force and special techniques. It is one of the detoxification processes to remove the skin and lymphatic toxins. The heat produces in the therapy stimulate the liquification of fat and adipose tissues with improved blood circulation. Many studies have found the efficacy of this therapy in reducing body fat and weight loss management.

Lepam (Massage with Herbal Paste): This therapy involves the application of herbal paste all over the body. It is a natural treatment to diminish different incendiary illness.Lepam has an extensive variety of utilization from restorative reason to extreme skin conditions. Facial massage with herbal paste is one of its kind to improve the facial skin complexion, skin texture and to avoid the cosmetics use. It demonstrates extremely powerful in psoriasis, pimples, checks on skin, pigmentation, joint pain with swelling and agony, wounds and skin contamination.

Navara Kezhi (Ayurvedic massage with Medicated rice and medicated milk): The herbal drugs strengthening the muscle tone and nerve conduction are used in Navara Kezhi along with selected medicated oils. This therapy involves Herbal oil massages followed by application of medicated cooked rice and milk using Rice bolus packs. This therapy has proven efficacy in multiple disorders involving muscle and nerve conduction disorders such as Arthritis, Myopathies, neurological disorders like paralysis, sciatica, muscular atrophy and generalized weakness.

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