Rejuvenation Therapy

Rejuvenation is one of the important aspects of ayurvedic therapies and treatments. Rejuvenation therapies aims “to rejuvenate” which means to restore the young appearance and minimise the ageing symptoms. In this modern world, the environmental factors and the lifestyle of an individual have accelerated the ageing process. People look older than their age which is driving them to use different cosmetics products to hide the ageing signs and to restore the young appearance and vigor. The cosmetics contains a lot of chemicals as ingredients which symptomatically improves the appearance but also damage the natural integrity of body cells. Further the consumption of cosmetics supplements carries various side effects deteriorating the natural integrity and immunity.

Ayurveda being the most ancient and comprehensive medical science, emphasize on improvement on quality as well as quantity of life. One of the main branches of Ayurvedic medicine called as “Rasayana”, which means rejuvenate promotes longevity and quality of life. Rasayana therapy involves the principles of diet, routine activities and overall nourishment at cellular level. The Rasayana therapy involves the purification of body channels with Panchkarma therapy followed by administration of Ayurvedic Herbal supplements to nourish and immunity enhancement at cellular level. It improves the skin radiance, virility and vitality of cells and organs naturally. The herbal supplements provide phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in natural form enhancing the equilibrium in body, mind and soul. The Panchkarma Detox therapy and Rasayana therapy involved in Rejuvenation pacifies the vitiated Doshas and removes the impurities from the body. Further the herbal supplements enhance the immunity and nourishment levels.

 Ayurveda has also recommended the external rejuvenation with the application of herbal preparation. The herbal facial is one of the most popular therapies which involves application of herbal paste on face and ageing affected parts of the body. The therapy carries no side effects and helps in maintaining skin tone and texture naturally. The Ayurvedic facial contains natural products such as Turmeric, Sandalwood powder, Neem powder, Triphala powder and other natural herbs. They remove the toxins from the skins and nourish the underlying facial cells and tissue, restoring the natural constituency of them leading to reduce the marks, wrinkles and irregular tone of face.

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