The most important aspect of a health concept is the balance of mind, body and soul. The smart health is what an individual determine to keep himself in complete state of physical, mental and spiritual health. According to Ayurveda, the balanced state of Physical humors, three guns and malas are the key pillar to individual health. To achieve the state of health one should follow the Principles of Ayurveda describing Dinchariya and Rituchariya (Daily routine and activities and adaptation to different seasons. Although the modern lifestyle resists the adaptation of all Ayurveda principles of healthy living but one can still manage to keep themselves health by following few tips.

Person should be aware of its Body constitution to select/deselect the food items accordingly.
Person should know the benefits of adaptation of seasonal change as it affects the individual’s Doshas balanced state
Person should adopt the healthy life style habits such as YOGA, ASANAS, MEDITATION etc
Person should go for DETOX as guided by the Ayurvedic practitioner
Regular rejuvenation therapies
Regular follow- up with Ayurvedic Practitioner

Knowing the body constitution, individual can live a healthy life with food selection, life style management and adoption of natural healthy options.