Netra Tarpana

Netra Tarpan is one of the most unique treatment in Ayurvedic sciences which is meant to improve the health of eyes. This acts both curative as well as preventive therapy for eye health and disorders. This treatment is purely herbal and carry no side effects rather it maintains and prolonged the eye health and is suitable for people of all ages. In this treatment eyes are enclosed all around with a Thick wall of wheat / black lentils paste and pure ghee or medicated ghee is poured into the eyes for a specific duration as per the individual assessment and requirement.The Medicated ghee is believed to nourish the anterior & posterior chambers, ciliary muscles and retinal layers. This treatment has shown its efficacy in reducing the symptoms of ARMD (age related macular degeneration), Diabetes and other chronic eyes diseases.This is one of the most relaxing, vision enhancement treatment in Ayurveda. This treatment is highly recommended for those who spend most of their time regularly in front of computer screen, driving or other activities involving major eyes movement. The treatment is also believed to improve the Eye vision and clarity of mind.

Indication: This treatment is highly recommended in Vata disorders which involves soreness in eyes, Blurry vision, Conjunctivitis, Dryness of eyes, Diabetic Retinopathy, Excessive watering and Dark circles around the Eyes.

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