Ayurveda Neuro therapy: Ayurveda Neuro-therapy is an ancient rehabilitative therapy based on traditional Vedic philosophy and principles. In Ayurveda it is called as“NADI MARDAN KRIYA” which involves the rubbing of identified nerve tracts and junctions in the body. It is a manual therapy without using any herb, drug or preparation. In Neuro-therapy, pressure is applied by feet/hands on the body of individual which activates/deactivates appropriate gland/organ and restore the body balance. The change in flow of blood to the affected region stimulate the body’s inherent power to restore and maintain accordingly.

 This therapy require no medicines, herbs and preparation and hence carry no side effects. This treatment is effective in management of bone/ joint pains, posture related disorders such as stiffness in neck, back and legs and psychological disorders.

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